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This website was created for the purposes of the WRN Enhancement Project (WRN-EP). The project was successfully completed on 31 March 2011 and this website now serves as an archive of the project's activities. The contact details given and the activities described within the main body of this website should be regarded as no longer current.

The Welsh Repository Network (WRN) continues as a sub-group of the Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum (WHELF). Please direct any queries regarding the WRN to repositories-wales@aber.ac.uk.

A further period of JISC funding has been secured under the WRN umbrella for the AEIOU Project (Activity data to Enhance and Increase Open-access Usage). This project will run until 31 July 2011.

Welsh Repository Network

The Welsh Repository Network (WRN) is a collaborative venture between the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Wales to establish, develop and populate a network of interoperable institutional repositories. The vision that underpins the network is to facilitate and encourage the sharing of resources across the principality and to maximise the impact of Welsh research across the globe.

WRN Partners Click on the WRN 'button' to the left or the Partners link in the left navigation menu to explore the Welsh repositories. You can also search across all of the WRN Partner repositories by clicking the Search link in the left navigation menu.

WRN Launch February 2009

The establishment of the network was underpinned by the JISC funded WRN Start-Up Project (2001- 2009) which provided both fiscal and practical support to each WRN partner to aid in the implementation of an effective institutional repository in every Welsh HEI. The success of this project was marked by the launch of the Welsh Repository Network at the National Library of Wales in February 2009.

A further two years of JISC funding enabled the WRN Enhancement Project (WRN-EP) (2009-2011) to build on this work. Coming to completion on 31st March 2011 the WRN-EP investigated the potential of a collaborative, centrally managed, model for accelerating the development and uptake of the repository services in Wales.

Please use the links on the left to find out more about our project activities and support services.

The launch of the Welsh Repository Network, February 2009